Prince William will represent the British royal family at the funeral of his grandmother FRANCES SHAND KYDD.

Shand Kydd, the mother of DIANA, Princess Of Wales, lost her battle with Parkinson's Disease yesterday (03JUN04) at the age of 68.

William is expected to join his uncle EARL SPENCER and Diana's two sisters LADY SARAH McCORQUODALE and LADY JANE FELLOWES at a private ceremony near Shand Kydd's home in Oban, Scotland next Thursday (10JUN04).

Sources close to the family say, "It is early days. The arrangements are being made as we speak. But Prince William is expected to attend."

It is unknown if his brother HARRY will return from Africa, where he is on a gap year before joining the Army, but William released a statement yesterday (02JUN04) after news of the death.

It read, "Harry and I are very upset at the death of our grandmother and we will miss her a lot."

04/06/2004 17:40