British royal Prince William is reportedly being encouraged to join the elite ROYAL MARINE COMMANDOS (RMC) after leaving university, to make up for his uncle Prince Edward's resignation from the crack unit.

The second heir to throne's grandfather, The Duke of Edinburgh, is the Captain-General of the RMC and believes the Prince is fitter and more disciplined than Edward, so will succeed in winning the Commando's prestigious Green Beret.

The 22-year-old royal initially planned to join the army after graduating from Scotland's Prince Andrews University, but he's now considering following his grandfather's advice, reports British newspaper the SUNDAY MIRROR.

A senior military source explains, "There have been some serious discussions going on, but it looks like the Duke is gong to get his way. He was furious when Edward gave up the Royal Marines.

"He knows that Willam is tough and he is hoping this time a member of the Royal family will go all the way."

02/01/2005 13:24