LATEST: British royal Prince William and former girlfriend Kate Middleton continued to tease onlookers about their on-off romance after Sunday's (01Jul07) Concert For Diana by sipping cocktails together and sharing a sexy dance. The couple appeared in public for the first time since their April (07) split at the star-studded Wembley Stadium spectacular - although Middleton was seated two rows behind her former lover with her sister and parents. Despite the pretence at a distance, the British tabloids are insisting the pair is dating again, after Middleton paid her `ex' a late-night visit at his father Prince Charles' Clarence House residence on Saturday night (30Jun07). And on Tuesday (02Jul07) the tabloid printed exclusive pictures showing the pair enjoying an intimate candlelit drink together before they headed to the dancefloor at the aftershow party. A pal says, "Kate was dancing so sexily in front of Wills that chemistry was just oozing off them. "None of us had ever seen quite so much electricity between them before. It was as if they had just met and fallen in love for the first time. They didn't leave each other's side for the whole party."