LATEST: CLIVE GOODMAN, former royal editor of British newspaper the News Of The World has been sentenced to four months in jail for illegally intercepting private messages left on the British royal family's mobile phones. Goodman was found guilty of listening in on voicemails left for Royal aides and Prince William between February and June last year (06) at London's Old Bailey. Judge MR JUSTICE GROSS told Goodman, "This was low conduct, reprehensible in the extreme. "This case is not about press freedom. It is about grave, inexcusable and illegal invasion of privacy. The targets were members of the Royal Family. They hold a unique position in the life of this country. "This was serious criminal conduct to which we must not become numbed. Such sustained criminal conduct should be marked by a loss of liberty." Goodman and private investigator GLENN MULCAIRE both admitted to the charge of unlawfully intercepting telephone messages. Mulcaire admitted a further five charges of unlawfully intercepting voicemail messages left by a string of public figures, including publicist Max Clifford and supermodel Elle Macpherson, and was jailed for six months. News Of The World editor ANDY COULSON has resigned from his post as a result of the verdict.