The wedding of Britain's Prince William and Duchess Catherine was ''deeply romantic''.

Actress Sophie Winkleman - who is married to William's cousin Lord Fredrick Windsor - was very impressed with how well the couple coped tying the knot in such a hugely public way.

Sophie said: ''I don't know how it managed to capture The Feeling of amazing love when it was such a stunningly impressive global occasion but it did. It really was deeply romantic.''

Despite her husband's regal background, Sophie insists her spouse's family have been very ''welcoming'' towards her.

She said: ''When I went to my first formal occasion, I was definitely wobbly, but the whole family has been very welcoming and warm. And let's face it - all families are pretty complicated.''

Sophie admitted she feels ''saved'' by fashion house Armani as she can always rely on their creations when she has to attend formal events.

She told Tatler magazine: ''Armani saved me. Very fashiony things I can't cope with and I don't know if they suit me, but classic stuff tends to work.

''Armani clothes are beautifully cut and vey imaginative in their own way but they don't wear you.''