British royal Prince William may attract hordes of admiring females with his muscular frame, but his legs have been deemed 'too skinny' by one of the celebrity world's top trainers.

William, who recently turned 21, owes his toned body to his devotion to swimming, polo and rugby. But New York-based celebrity personal trainer ANTONIO SINI, who counts Renee Zellweger and Chris Noth among his clients, believes the future king has a lot more work to do to get the perfect frame.

He says, "His legs are proportional to his body and he's got decent-sized quads. But he's gotta work on those calves!

"Looks like he swims a lot. You can tell because his lower back is very strong. To improve his calves, I'd have him do some squats, put him on a bike and have him jump some rope."

Sini adds, "His abs look pretty good, but his chest isn't big enough in proportion to his shoulders. I'd have him do more pushups and make him spend more time on the bench press."

03/07/2003 21:19