LATEST: Handsome heir to the British throne Prince William is defending his father Prince Charles as he fights to prove recent allegations made against him are false.

The young aristocrat, 21, has pledged to support his father during the "sordid smear" which is threatening to tar the name of the British royal household.

Prince Charles has spent the last few days rubbishing allegations made by a former employee, which are so libellous that the British media are unable to refer to them specifically.

A royal spokesman says of William and brother Prince Harry, "The boys are fully supportive of their father.

"But there is no indication they intend to comment publicly about this alleged incident involving their dad - although that may change."

One of Williams' peers adds, "If more nonsense comes out over the weekend, then undoubtedly Prince William will advise his father to say more on the matter.

"Like his mum, he firmly believes that the more open you are the better."

09/11/2003 14:02