Prince William encourages his children to treat each other equally.

The 37-year-old royal likes to ensure his kids - Prince George, six, Princess Charlotte, four, and Prince Louis, 18 months, who he has with his wife, Duchess Catherine - play fair when they take part in games.

Olivia Hancock, who promotes gender equality in sport, said: ''He said, 'When George and Charlotte play football, George gets Charlotte to go in goal because he says he is better.' But Prince William says to him, 'Charlotte could be as good as you, George, so give her the same chances.' I think that was really good as it shows Prince William is standing up for equality as well. He is doing something for women in sport.''

Meanwhile, a source previously claimed Prince George is quite ''reserved.''

The insider shared: ''George is more reserved, and Charlotte is more outgoing. Maybe it's because he's the heir and one day he might be King. It's the same difference between William and Harry. Harry is much more laid-back and William is the more serious one because he will be King one day ... There's a responsibility that comes with that [being third in line to the throne] but they certainly don't treat him differently. They are sending them to the same school, which says everything.''

Prince George also has an ''obsession'' with tractors.

The Duke of Cambridge told farmer Mervyn Keeling as he visited the Duchy estate: ''I should have brought George today. He would be absolutely loving this ... He's obsessed. My children are already, you know, playing on the tractors. It's so important to get outside, and have the children understand nature.''