British royal Prince William's new girlfriend Kate Middleton was a virgin before the pair started dating, according to a close pal.

JESSICA HAY, 22, who shared a room with 21-year-old Kate at the top public school MARLBOROUGH COLLEGE, says the Prince's new lover never had a serious relationship before meeting hunky William, also 21, at ST ANDREWS UNIVERSITY in Scotland, as she had always wanted to wait for the right man.

Jessica reveals, "We have kept in touch and spoken about her time at university and I can honestly say, hand on heart, that William will be her first lover.

"She never lost her virginity at school - in fact, she only had two or three snogs.

"CATHERINE, which is how she was always known then, wanted to wait till she had a proper boyfriend.

"She had a gap year afterwards, but I know her well enough to say that she wouldn't have just slept with a random guy. She didn't get serious with anyone then or in her first two years at university."

"And from what she told me of her time at university, I know there has been no one before William.

The pair's romance came into the spotlight after they were photographed together on the slopes of exclusive Swiss ski resort Klosters by British tabloid The Sun, which has now been banned from official royal photocalls as punishment.

04/04/2004 14:04