Hunky British royal Prince William has been lambasted by an aged Earl following a high speed road incident - forcing his father Prince Charles to apologise.

William stormed down a gravel track at 80 kilometres per hour (50 miles per hour) in his VW GOLF after a recent polo tournament, speeding onto a grass verge to overtake EARL BATHURST, 76, who then chased Wills at 95 miles per hour (60 miles per hour) in his LAND ROVER DISCOVERY.

The Earl says, "Prince William turns heads and I suspect he's too big for his boots.

"He just looked like a ginger haired youth, I didn't know who the hell he was. I was going to stop him and give him a good talking-to.

"Polo club rules lay down a 20 miles per hour limit. The prince must have been doing 40-50 miles per hour. On a single lane track that's very fast."

Earl Bathurst was prevented from continuing the chase by a royal protection officer who pulled him over.

Wills' reckless driving is a huge embarrassment for Prince Charles as Earl Bathurst is a friend who is also a former Lord-in-waiting to QUEEN ELIZABETH II, William's grandmother.

Charles phoned the Earl's son, LORD ALLEN APSLEY, to apologise for the incident - a move that seems to have soothed Bathurst.

He says, "Of course, we don't want Prince Charles to stop playing for us - or the two princes."

16/06/2003 13:54