Prince William has stepped in to stop plans for a spectacular pop concert to celebrate his 21st birthday in June (03).

Buckingham Palace officials wanted to stage an event, similar to Queen ELIZABETH II's Jubilee party last year (02).

But William has twice turned down offers because he wants the landmark to remain a personal occasion.

He also wants to keep his word and avoid regular royal duties until he finishes his studies at Scotland's ST ANDREWS UNIVERSITY in two years time.

And it seems the Prince's stance has his dad's support.

Prince Charles is thought to be concerned such a concert would upstage the yearly London fundraising bash his PRINCE'S TRUST charity stages.

A friend of William tells British tabloid the DAILY MAIL, "He felt the whole event was in danger of being hijacked.

"He knows he will have to devote much of his life to the public arena, so what's the hurry?'"

28/04/2003 13:30