Hunky Prince William might have to resort to writing a lonely hearts ad - he's struggling to find a girlfriend.

The handsome young British prince receives hundreds of fan letters every week, but still he cannot find someone to share his life with - despite ST ANDREWS UNIVERSITY, where he is studying, being "crammed" with good looking girls, according to fellow students there.

According to British newspaper THE SUNDAY EXPRESS, a source close to the son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles reveals, "Most people think William would have his pick of the most beautiful girls but the opposite is true.

"He says 'A woman would have to be mad to consider going out with me'. He believes most women would think twice about dating him because the pressure of being linked to a royal would make their life unbearable."

Palace officials are worried that the young prince could become the victim of kiss-and-tell exposes, and have been made aware of four young ladies who have been hanging around bars William frequents, hoping to ensnare him.