A new play is set to make a mockery of the British royal family when it opens in London in the spring (06).

The new work created by theatre critics TOBY YOUNG and LLOYD EVANS is provisionally called QUEEN AND COUNTRY and sees CAMILLA, Duchess of Cornwall having an affair with her father-in-law Prince Philip.

The play is set following the fictional death of Queen Elizabeth II and before Prince Charles has been crowned king, according to Evans.

He says, "Camilla and Charles' relationship has reached a crisis and she ends up having an affair with the Duke Of Edinburgh, which sickens and disgusts Prince William. William is a demented soul haunted by memories of his mother (DIANA, Princess Of Wales)- a HAMLET-like character.

"Prince Harry, far from being a half-wit, turns out to be a RICHARD III-type schemer who manipulates everyone around him to become king. Needless to say, not everything goes to plan."