Prince Harry 's Vegas pictures emerging online this week were a rude reminder to celebrities that it's becoming increasingly difficult to enjoy themselves in truly private social situations. The Las Vegas pictures - which show Prince Harry stark naked in his hotel room - were presumably taken by somebody that the royal trusted, or at least knew well enough to invite back into his hotel room.
Though the rise of phone-hackers have given tons of celebrities a headache in recent years, it's the amateur paparazzi (basically anyone with a smart phone) that the rich and famous should be worried about. Writing for the UK's Daily Telegraph, Digital Media journalist Emma Barnett explains, "Once the iPhone took smartphones mainstream, people no longer had to go home, upload their photos from their camera onto their computer and then individually publish them online to photo-sharing sites such as Facebook or Twitter". One of the partygoers in Las Vegas had presumably uploaded the pictures shortly after the incident itself, and it was only a matter of time until the likes of got hold of them. Barnett recalls a movie premiere after-party in London four years ago, in which Prince William was chatting with Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera and Prince Harry was "doing shots" with some male pals. She added, "If my evening out had happened last night instead of six years ago, I would have already uploaded all of the photos I would have inevitably surreptitiously taken inside the club and published them publicly on Twitter - great bragging tweets - and on Facebook - for all of my jealous friends and family to graffiti the predictable cooing comments on".
There has been no comment from the Royal Family or Prince Harry concerning the photographs, though, to be honest, we're guessing he really isn't that bothered anyway.