British royal Prince Harry is "happy" after being reconciled with his cell phone - days after it was stolen on a night out in the African country of Lesotho.
The prince is in the country as part of his charity work, and was frequenting a local nightspot with a group of pals when a man worked his way through security and stole the mobile.
The phone was recovered by members of the landlocked country's Defence Force, who have been ensuring the 23-year-old's safety since he arrived in the country last month (Jun08).
And Prince Harry is said to relieved with the returned item as it contained many important contact details.
A source says, "Harry was at a nightclub in Butha-Buthe when the thug stole his phone and ran away with it.
"When we eventually found the culprit it took quite some time to explain to him that he had stolen from the prince. To him, Prince Harry was just one of those white guys."
The insider adds, "The only thing he was worried about were his contacts and not the phone itself."
However, the royal decided against pressing charges and did not file a police report.