Young British royal Prince Harry is at the centre of a cultural row after he was accused of stealing Aboriginal themes in his A-level artwork.

The 18-year-old proudly showed off his paintings in photos published all over the globe, but some of Australia's most famous Aboriginal artists claim he has stolen from their culture, in particular the lizard symbol.

Artist JULIE DOWLING says, "He needs to come down and see where it came from. He needs to figure out where the image came from, he needs to follow it back. What he has to realise is that, when he does that, he's ripping off another family.

"His grandma is the head of his church, he should show respect for other people's religions."

However, a BUCKINGHAM PALACE spokesperson responds, "We haven't received any formal complains and it's never been the intention of the prince to cause any offence."

Prince Harry is due to spend his gap year in Australia later this year (03).

19/08/2003 17:18