Prince Harry would ''love'' to have children.

The 32-year-old royal is currently dating 35-year-old actress Meghan Markle, and although the couple have no plans to settle down and start a family any time soon, the flame-haired hunk has admitted he would like to have babies in the future.

Speaking with The Telegraph as part of the publication's 'Mad World' podcast, he said: ''I, of course, I would love to have kids.''

And Harry has revealed being uncle to his brother Prince William's children Prince George, three, and 23-month-old Princess Charlotte, as well as his godfather duties, has given him practice when dealing with children.

He explained: ''Yeah, I'm a godfather to quite a few of my friends' [kids] ... actually only five or six.

''I'd like to think so [he is a good godfather]. But I think the key to that is to grow up, but also to be able to stay in touch with your childhood side. If that means going to someone's house and sitting there and playing PlayStation and kicking the ass of their son on [video games] or whatever it is, then I'll try and do that. I've actually had a lot of practice for that.''

Meanwhile, Harry and the 'Suits' star are ''deeply happy'' in their relationship, regardless of their busy schedules, which sees the brunette beauty film for the popular series in Canada whilst her beau remains in England.

Speaking previously about the couple and their romance, a source said: ''Despite the distance, the media attention and everything else, there's a real ease to their relationship. It just works. They are deeply happy.''

However, when the pair are together they enjoy spending as much quality time together as they can.

A separate source recently said: ''They spend a lot of time watching movies at Harry's and cooking new dishes. Meg is a great cook and sends Harry out to posh food shops. She has even added a few feminine touches such as scented candles and soft furnishings.''