Oh dear. Prince Harry 's Vegas pictures are certainly causing a stir on the Internet this week! The party animal has been snapped butt naked at a party where he was playing a game of strip billiards with some female friends in Las Vegas.
Just when we thought he was over the 'wild child' phase, the 27-year-old has brought shame on the British Royal family yet again by involving himself in the game in his Vegas Vip hotel suite on Friday (August 17th 2012), where one camera happy individual succeeded in grabbing two blurry pictures of Harry having a ball. In one image, the redhead seems to be grabbing an equally naked girl from behind, hugging her (we hope!) and in another, he stands with his crown jewels cupped in his hands next to another topless girl. A representative of the Royal Family told Tmz, the website where the photos appeared, 'We have no comment to make on the photos at this time.'
It seems that Harry simply cannot help causing a stir in the media. When he was 17, it was reported that he'd been smoking cannabis and participating in underage drinking with his friends and a string of other controversies soon followed including having a fight with a paparazzo outside a nightclub, dressing in full Nazi uniform for a costume party and using racially abusive language towards one member of his army platoon. I do wonder how he's going to explain this one to his grandmother. One will not be amused.