The words ' Prince Harry 's going to Vegas' must surely have struck fear into the hearts of the Royal Family's media spokesperson. True to form, it seems that Harry has been making quite a spectacle of himself. It seems that all the private education and media training in the world can't keep Harry's antics at bay. The young prince is currently on holiday in Las Vegas with his pals and his latest exploits have ended with the gossip website Tmz getting hold of Prince Harry's Vegas Pictures which see the Royal naked after an unsuccessful game of 'strip billiards' in his Vip suite.

Harry clearly isn't terribly good at billiards because he's wearing nothing other than his birthday suit in the photos that Tmz have posted. In one, he is cupping his - ahem - 'crown jewels' whilst a young lady (probably not a princess) cowers behind him and in another, he has his arms around a girl who also seems to be completely naked.
Prince Harry has also been cavorting at a Vegas pool party with the Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, whilst Jennifer Lopez was also present whilst Harry messed around with his mates in the pool. Meanwhile, back in Blighty, the folks at the palace must surely be sat with their heads in their hands, wondering how best to deal with Harry's latest string of social faux pas. The best they can come up with so far, it seems, is "We have no comment to make on the photos at this time." Perhaps they're busy arranging some billiards tuition for when he returns.