Prince Harry is receiving warzone training and could face possible deployment in Iraq. The British Royal, 22, and members of his Blues and Royals cavalry regiment are embarking on a training session that troops usually undergo before heading to a war zone. According to a Ministry of Defence source, the sessions, which are run by the Operational Training and Advisory Group, are likely to include cultural and language classes and an overview of the situation of the ground. The move has sparked speculation that he will serve on the frontline, but the prince's spokesman tells American publication People that "no decision about deployment has been made." An insider at the ministry adds, "Just because they are training doesn't mean they are committed to going. They are prepared to go if the generals need to commit them." Harry, an armoured reconnaissance troop leader, is likely to learn the decision in the next few weeks. If deployed, he would be the first senior British royal to serve in combat since his uncle PRINCE ANDREW served in the Falkland Islands conflict in the early 1980s.