Prince Harry and his team of adventurers have been confined to their basic accommodation blocks in the Antarctic as bad weather caused further delays in preparations for their South Pole trek on Sunday (24Nov13).

The royal touched down in Novolazarevskaya Station on Friday (22Nov13) after bad weather forced him and the rest of his Walking With the Wounded team to remain at the Russian research headquarters for longer than planned.

A snow storm and high winds have now further delayed their preparations for The South Pole Allied Challenge as Harry and company have been unable to complete scheduled skiing exercises designed to help them acclimatise to the harsh conditions.

The trek is due to begin on 30 November, with Prince Harry leading the British Walking With the Wounded team in a 208-mile race against an American team led by True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard and a commonwealth team fronted by The Wire actor Dominic West.

The teams hope to complete their journeys across the Antarctic Plateau by 16 December (13), raising money for injured soldiers in the process.