LATEST: British royal Prince Harry has slammed reports he risks losing his place at England's prestigious Sandhurst Military Academy because he's too unfit - insisting he passed yesterday's (03AUG05) fitness test "with flying colours".

The 20-year-old has seen doctors four times in his first eight weeks at the academy, with infected blisters, a knee injury and an undisclosed illness.

And he risked being put on probation or ordered to restart the 44-week course, if he failed to prove his suitability for a military career in Wednesday's Compulsory Fitness Test.

But the prince has rubbished claims he is nicknamed "Sicknote" and allayed doubts about his health by passing the test

A spokesman for the royal family's Clarence House office says, "Harry passed his fitness test. As both Sandhurst and ourselves have been saying all along, there are absolutely no problems with Harry's fitness.

"He is doing extremely well and has passed every physical milestone that he has had to. Harry himself remains very focused on his military training."

Sandhurst's COLONEL ROY PARKINSON adds, "As far as we are concerned, Prince Harry is doing well and we have no reason to expect otherwise."

04/08/2005 11:13