British royal Prince Harry has been caught on camera snorting vodka, prompting experts to predict the 23-year-old has an alcohol abuse problem. Shocking stills from a video in the new issue of U.S. tabloid the Globe show Harry drinking, spitting and then snorting alcohol up his nose during a trip to Namibia a year ago (Nov06). And experts tell the publication it's the sort of thing only an alcoholic would do - to get a faster hit. Dr. Robert Perkinson, who runs the Keystone Treatment Clinic in South Dakota, was among those presented with the pictures. He weighs in, "It's a totally irresponsible thing to do. When you snort a substance, you're trying to get higher faster." Another alcohol abuse expert, Dr. Aldo Morales - an addiction specialist - fears for Harry's health. He adds, "This is an extremely dangerous and potentially debilitating practice that could cause permanent brain damage. "It's like playing Russian roulette because when you snort alcohol, it goes straight to the brain."