British royal, Prince Harry has rejected an invitation to attend PARIS HILTON's 24th birthday party, because he's scared of her "raunchy reputation".

The 20-year-old Prince is keen to behave ahead of the start of his officer training at England's Sandhurst Military Academy in May (05), following a number of scandals - so he turned down the chance to be guest of honour at the Florida bash tomorrow night (17FEB05).

A source tells British newspaper the DAILY EXPRESS, "She even offered to fly him and two friends to the US on her father's private jet, and she threw in an all-expenses-paid stay at the Miami Hilton hotel."

A royal source comments, "There's no way his father (Prince Charles) was going to let him attend, given Paris's raunchy reputation.

"Another indiscretion with Harry would be an utter PR disaster."

Hilton is fond of the Prince and his older brother, Prince William, whom she recently described as "both gorgeous".

16/02/2005 13:52