Prince Harry has reportedly been cleared to return to frontline service in Afghanistan, reports the UK's Guardian newspaper. The Ministry of Defence have refused to comment, but it is understood the Prince is keen to return to the Middle East.
26-year-old Harry, who has served in Afghanistan before, recently qualified as an Apache helicopter pilot. Clarence House said the Prince's redeployment was an army matter, saying, "Harry is an army pilot and will deploy wherever the army chooses to send him. His course finishes in 2012 and after that his deployment will be a matter for the army chain of command". Harry served 10 weeks in the country as an air controller in 2007, directing jets bombing Taliban positions in the dangerous Helmand province. The Prince is currently undergoing "conversion to role" training at Raf Wattisham in Suffolk following his qualification as an Apache pilot. Harry and his brother Prince William have rarely been out of the media spotlight since the Royal Wedding in April 2011, where the younger sibling served as best man.
Prince Harry's currently course is expected to last seven months, after which he will be assigned to a squadron.