Prince Harry's friend ''wouldn't expect anything less'' of his pal but for him to be a ''hands-on'' dad.

The 34-year-old royal and his wife Duchess Meghan welcomed son Archie into the world in May and though James Haskell hasn't yet had chance to catch up with the new parents, the retired rugby star wasn't surprised to read that the prince is taking an active role in fatherhood.

James said: ''Like most newlyweds, they've been very busy, especially since becoming parents.

''It didn't surprise me to hear that Harry's been a hands-on dad with baby Archie.

''You only have to look at the way he's applied himself to the rest of his life - he's a war hero, a helicopter pilot, a modern man.

''I wouldn't expect anything less.''

James may be looking to his friend for fatherhood advice in the future as while he and new wife Chloe Madeley previously claimed they didn't want children, they're now having second thoughts.

The fitness guru told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''There's been a seismic shift from where we were two years ago.

''We've gone from one end of the spectrum, where we didn't want children, to the other end where we thought, 'Yes, let's try it.'

''Now we're in the middle, contemplating it as a reality.

''James is made to be a father. He'll be a brilliant dad.''

However, it isn't something they're planning for the immediate future.

James - who quit the sport recently after suffering a ligament injury - added: ''We need to make sure the time is right though. I should get settled in a new venture first.''