Britain's Prince Harry poked fun at his father and brother on his arrival in Brazil.

The fun loving royal is visiting the country on behalf of the tourism campaign, GREAT, which hopes to attract millions of extra visitors to Britain, and Harry - who has shown off his love of dance while visiting the Caribbean for Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee earlier this month - quipped he was happy his brother William was not in Brazil because he too would be tempted to dance.

According to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, he said: ''Everything about Rio makes you want to dance. I'm just so thankful that my brother isn't here because he might actually do it - and that would not be cool.''

Harry also referenced his father Prince Charles' trip to Rio de Janeiro in 1978 where he enjoyed a dance with Pina de Beija-Flora, whom he later described as a ''rather dramatically semi-naked lady''.

Harry said: ''Thank you for a stunning Anglo-Brazilian welcome to your spellbinding city - I've got to get this right - this 'cidade maravilhosa'.

''Over the years, I've seen and heard so much about this extraordinary place - in fact, ever since my father told me about a certain dance he once had with a beautiful girl called Pinah. It just seems to have stuck in his mind for some reason.''

Harry also revealed he was looking forward to learning how to play volleyball today (10.03.12) and showing the Brazilians how to play rugby.

He explained: ''I can't wait for beach volleyball tomorrow morning. It's my kind of game.

''I'm going to help coach Brazilians to play rugby. One plea to all Brazilians, though: please, please - if we show you how to play rugby - don't do what you've done with football, and leave us wishing we hadn't.''

The GREAT campaign aims to promote the UK all over the world as one of the best places to visit, study and do business. For more information go to