Prince Harry of Wales has caused quite a furore with his recent naked shenanigans in Vegas. Tmz published pictures of Prince Harry after a particularly unsuccessful game of 'strip billiards,' in which he was completely naked and bear-hugging an apparently-naked, unidentified female. The latest development in this catastrophic royal PR faux-pas is that Clarence House have contacted the Press Complaints Commission, The Guardian reports today (August 23, 2012).

According to today's report, the spokesman said that they had written to the PCC to "draw attention to Harry's right to privacy under the media watchdog's code of conduct." The damage, of course, has already been done as the photos have already gone viral and social networking sites are rife with commentary with varying responses to Harry's behavior. The Clarence House spokesman denied that any legal action was being taken at this stage but did add that they had spoken to various newspaper's to remind them of their own editorial codes of conduct" and to respect the prince's privacy. "We wrote to the PCC simply drawing attention to clause three of the code [of conduct] and the reasonable expectations of privacy in a hotel room," The Guardian were told. "This afternoon we also reminded newspapers of their own editorial codes. We've not threatened legal action. The Prince of Wales has not been involved."

As well as the naked billiards snaps, Harry has also been spotted enjoying himself with friends at a Vegas pool party, where Jennifer Lopez was also in attendance. He's also been videoed challenging the Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte to a swimming race.