Britain's Royal Prince Harry is considering abandoning his work experience as a cattlehand after just four days - because of the intense media interest in him.

The second son of Prince Charles, 19-year-old Harry has found himself mobbed wherever he goes since he arrived in Australia on Monday (22SEP03).

And now Harry is threatening to quit his low-paid job as a jackaroo - local slang for a farm hand - which he had planned to do for three months.

Prince Charles's press secretary COLLEEN HARRIS says, "Prince Harry has gone to the outback to acquire new trades and have new experiences.

"But if he's hindered and it's disruptive to his work on the farm, we will have to look at the options.

"He wants to learn about the farm and the jackaroo trade. But he can only do so if he is allowed privacy."

28/09/2003 10:42