The Wynn Hotel Las Vegas was the scene of Prince Harry 's most recent party blowout this week, though the Royal has now jetted back to London, probably to face the wrath of his famous family's PR advisers who have no doubt been inundated with calls over the past couple of days.
Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll be aware of Prince Harry's Vegas pictures, which one partygoer snapped after finding themselves in a game of strip billiards with the 27-year-old. The photos caused a storm in the U.S, though as yet, no UK newspaper has published them. Though he's likely to get quite the telling-off, it seems Harry has found a couple of new fans with the pictures, most notably, Lady GaGa. The superstar singer leapt to Harry's defense on Twitter, saying, "'Holy Mother Harry Looks Fit. Hope no ones mad at him for that, I'm certainly not RoyalsArePeopleToo". However, Mother Monster quickly took aim at the mystery snapper, saying, "But truly f*** off to whatever s***ty friend took those picture and leaked them".
Managing editor of Sky News Peter Lowe explained the stance of the British press over the pictures, saying, "The reason we don't show the pictures is because we accept the fact that Prince Harry has a reasonable expectation of privacy in a hotel room while on holiday.I am all in favour of invading the privacy of individuals in high office and public life - but only where it is warranted to do so". Of course, a more likely reason for the media blackout is that the Leveson Inquiry into media ethics is set to deliver its verdict in the near future.