Prince Harry of Wales will no doubt have been warned by the furious reps at Clarence House to play it cool when he appeared at the WellChild awards ceremony yesterday. Whilst the royal family and its employees held their breath, Harry put on a fine display of a well-turned out royal subject. In fact, the event went so smoothly and was so utterly devoid of scandal that it was hard to believe that this was the same Prince Harry whose naked frame was 'gracing' the cover of The Sun just a few days ago.

Having rocked the media world with his lewd antics, Harry arrived at the charity function fully dressed (first sigh of relief breathed by Clarence House, there) and acted appropriately for the awards ceremony (second sigh of relief), which took place to honour the plight of sick children and the medical professionals who care for them. He did, however, manage to draw a few laughs from the crowd when he made his speech, according to - though it's not clear if that was the intended response. "All of you - children, families, nurses, doctors, carers, volunteers - are, quite frankly, too remarkable for me adequately to describe with mere words," he said in his speech. "But never one to be shy in coming forward, I'll give it a go."

Harry managed to get through the day without too much embarrassment, though he clearly got a lucky escape from one young boy who insisted that when he met Harry he would say "I'm glad you've got your clothes on." When the moment came, though, he bottled it, and Harry left with his dignity intact.