British royal Prince Harry allegedly got his first taste for drugs at the age of fourteen - thanks to his dad Prince Charles' own godson.

According to reports in British newspaper the NEWS OF THE WORLD, the HONOURABLE NICHOLAS KNATCHBULL (corr) introduced Harry to cannabis during his first term at England's exclusive ETON school.

JESSICA HAY, Knatchbull's ex-girlfriend, recalls, "Harry's voice was still quite high because it hadn't quite broken and he sounded so sweet as he kept asking Nick for a cigarette.

"Nick refused but then pulled out this spliff. It was a really big one, longer than a pen, a real cone.

"Nick lit it up, smoked a bit and passed it to me, then two other friends. When it was passed back to Nick, Harry told me that he still hadn't given him a cigarette.

"Nick said, 'Mate, just f***ing smoke this, it's just like a cigarette, just a little bit stronger.

"Harry looked nervous and a bit uncomfortable as everyone was watching, but he drew on it anyway and then gave it back to Nick."

In January 2002, Prince Charles ordered him to attend a drug rehabilitation clinic, after wild Harry admitted to smoking cannabis and indulging in heavy drinking sessions.

11/04/2004 14:24