Young British royal Prince Harry celebrated the end of his school exams yesterday (19JUN03) by indulging in a drunken pub crawl.

The 18-year-old prince went on a six-hour tour of some of London's top nightspots with his friends and two detectives, to mark their final A' Level examination that day.

One onlooker remarks, "He certainly seemed to be having a good time, and was definitely in no hurry to head home. Harry really was enjoying himself - he was very jolly."

Harry, whose mother DIANA, Princess Of Wales died in 1997, was seen knocking back bottles of lager, cocktails and wine throughout the evening.

A fellow drinker says, "He was very chatty and keen to mix. There were lots of boys and girls of his own age around.

"Even though he was obviously out late, he didn't seem too much the worse for wear and handled the scene well. He just wanted to get stuck-in and have fun."

20/06/2003 13:10