British royal Prince Harry has followed in his mother Princess Diana's footsteps by helping people suffering from AIDS.

Diana broke many taboos with her AIDS charity work - most notably with the physical contact she made with sufferers of the disease - and has inspired her son to make a documentary focusing on the plight of the African country Lesotho, which is suffering up to 30 per cent AIDS infection rates amongst adults.

THE FORGOTTEN KINGDOM: PRINCE HARRY IN LESOTHO follows Harry,19, during his eight week stay in Lesotho earlier this year (MAR04) and focuses on the work he undertook at charity projects like the MANTS'ASE CHILDREN'S HOME in Mohale's Hoek, Lesotho, where children orphaned by, and often suffering from AIDS are looked after.

A spokesperson for the British Royal Family says, "Harry wanted to go to Lesotho to learn more about the problems faced in a country affected by AIDS and to do what he could to help

"He was really affected by his experience there and by the people he met. He hopes that his visit and now the film will help to raise awareness and money to help tackle the problems faced by people in Lesotho."

The documentary will air on Britain's ITV television channel later this month (SEP04).

06/09/2004 17:13