British royal Prince Harry's academic failure has again been highlighted - after his headmaster mistakenly let slip he had got the lowest grade in his year.

Head of top English private school ETON, TONY LITTLE, was giving a break down of 'A' Level results on the first day of the new term when he mentioned that none of his pupils had got worse than a grade C - bar one.

As Harry's results of a B and D were released over the summer (03), the audience soon deduced that Harry was the pupil with the worst grade.

One fellow scholar says, "It's well-known that Harry got a D in geography, and a B in art, so everyone knew who he was talking about. We all fell about laughing.

"I suppose saying just one person got a D was meant to highlight how well everyone else had done - but of course it had the effect of humiliating poor Harry."

15/09/2003 13:58