LATEST: British royal Prince Harry is "delighted" he's been found not guilty of cheating in his 2003 A-Level art exam - after an employment tribunal ruled his teacher did not do the prince's coursework for him.

Art tutor SARAH FORSYTH famously took Britain's prestigious Eton College to court, claiming she had been unfairly dismissed because the headmaster, ANTHONY LITTLE feared she knew too much about the help Harry received before his final art exam.

And the tribunal in Reading, west London accepted Forsythe had been fired unfairly, but rejected her claims Harry cheated and criticised her for making a secret tape recording of the third in line to the throne, in an attempt to support her claims.

She accused IAN BURKE, the head of the art department, of helping Harry complete his artwork and insisted she wrote most of his coursework on his behalf. But Burke told the tribunal she had only helped Harry with vocabulary such as "multi-directional hatching".

The tribunal panel said, "The one reason where she did alter her evidence was in relation to her allegations concerning Prince Harry's expressive art project and the assistance she says she was required to give him.

"To tape-record a pupil without that pupil's consent is clearly an abuse of the position of trust in the pupil-teacher relationship. Further, the tape-recording took place on what appears to have been Prince Harry's last day at Eton.

"In relation to the specific suggestion that she actually worked with Prince Harry on the text, the tribunal prefer the evidence of Burke and Forsyth (no relation) on this point."

A spokesman for the royal family's Clarence House office says, "We are delighted that Harry has been totally cleared of cheating.

"As the tribunal says, it did not believe Forsyth's evidence on this point - these allegations have been thoroughly investigated by the examination board who found there was no evidence of malpractice."

05/07/2005 02:55