HRH Prince Harry may have put himself in the royal doghouse with his partying antics in Las Vegas, but he has done very little to deter people from visiting the Nevada resort, as the British enthusiasm to visit Sin City looks to be on the up.

Although the much-noted, notorious destination hardly needed a popularity boost, it seems that the man who is third in line for the British throne has given it this boost nonetheless. One British travel agent reported this week that the number of people inquiring into vacation packages to a Vegas resort destination has risen by 30 percent. Meanwhile, an online hotel booker has revealed that the number of searches for Las Vegas has more than doubled since Harry's debaucheries were published.

The iniquitous pictures of Prince Harry soon spread like wildfire on the net, and on Friday British tabloid paper The Sun published the pictures on its front page, breaking an unwritten Royal taboo. However few were on the newspaper's side when they published the images, with the paper generating more than 850 complaints from across the country, sent to UK media watchdog the Press Complaints Commission. Since then, papers across the Isle have published pieces both damning Harry, praising him and, perhaps most of all, offering useful guides to Brits who may be considering holidaying in Sin City.

As well as catching the eye of just about every newspaper in the country, Harry's antics have also caught the eye of adult video producers Vivid, who have asked the rambunctious royal to appear in an explicit video inspired by his Vegas activities. According to TMZ, Harry has been asked by the same company who made the infamous Octomom porno with Nadya Suleman in June this year, to make a XXX video and are offering the Prince a massive $10 million pay check if he agrees to do it.