Prince Harry and Meghan Markle held hands as they greeted well-wishers in Nottingham on their first public engagement since getting engaged.

The flame-haired royal and the 'Suits' actress looked loved up as they greeted the crowds of people who had gathered outside the city's Contemporary Arts Centre.

The pair - who are in Nottingham for a World Aids Day fair and to visit a youth project - walked hand in hand as they made their way to meet local dignitaries. They then went to separate sides of the crowds and chatted with those who had secured a place at the front of the five row deep throng.

There were gifts galore for Meghan and Harry, who were handed presents including chocolate, flowers and cards. One person even handed Meghan some Haribo, Harry's favourite sweets, to give to the prince.

Ann McGuire, who brought her two-year-old son Leo with her, said: ''She grabbed my hand and said I'm so glad you braved it to stand in the cold. Meghan's such a natural.''

Whilst Katie Shaw, 22, added: ''They were very down to earth even though they're royal. It's all about 'Suits'. We really like Suits and she told us there are going to be two more series.''

And Harry even joked with one member of the crowd when they asked what it was like to be ginger and engaged to a famous actress. Harry joked back that it was ''unbelievable [and] great, isn't it''.

Meghan - a professional at red carpets - was ''so happy'' to be with her husband-to-be.

She told one member of the crowd: ''I'm so happy. It's just such a thrill to be here.''

The pair were constantly asked for selfies - something which Meghan had to politely decline, insisting they ''weren't allowed'' to get pictures.

Getting out of the cold, the pair then headed to the Terrence Higgins Trust World Aids Day charity fair and also visited Nottingham Academy, where they met with headteachers taking part in the Full Effect programme, which aims to stop young people getting involved in violence and crime.