British royal Prince Harry has been accused of cheating during a vital art exam and could now face losing his place at Sandhurst military academy.

The allegations are being made by sacked Eton art teacher SARAH FORSYTH, who claims she was ordered by a senior master to help the prince answer questions which helped him gain a B in his A-level examinations.

Last month (SEP04) the 20-year-old prince celebrated passing the tough selection exams to enter the prestigious academy, but will have to wait for Forsyth to make her claim at a tribunal which starts tomorrow (11OCT04) to know whether he will be allowed on the 44-week course next year (05).

Eton's spokesperson says, "We deny the allegations and will fight her every step of the way."

A friend of the royal family says, "Everyone knows Harry is no Einstein, but he's also no cheat.

"However his father is worried that this will cast a shadow over his entire future."

10/10/2004 14:16