British royal Prince Harry has been warned to curb his partying and start behaving with "dignity". Royal photographer ARTHUR EDWARDS, 66, is disturbed by the reputation Harry has built following a series of scuffles with paparazzi outside London nightclubs. In an episode of BBC News 24's HARD TALK show which airs tonight (05APR07), Edwards says, "Prince Harry is dangerously becoming an embarrassment to the country. "I like Prince Harry. But he's an army officer now. If he'd hit that photographer... he could have faced an assault charge. "He's not 18 - he's 22. He should be behaving a lot better and he knows that if he goes to these nightclubs paparazzi hang around. "The royal family I've always admired, even in the darkest times, act with dignity. The fact is... Harry is third in line to the throne."