Lady Gaga has shown her solidarity for Prince Harry by posting a video online of her flashing her boobs. Well, she never was one to do things by the book, now, was she? Prince Harry caused a right royal stir when photos of him in the nude (after a game of 'strip billiards' in his room) made their way to the gossip website Tmz earlier this week. According to The Mirror, Gaga posted a message on Twitter which read "Holy Mother Harry Looks Fit. Hope no ones mad at him for that, I'm certainly not RoyalsArePeopleToo." though the tweet appears to have been deleted. A follow-up comment remains, though, in which she says "but truly f*ck off to whatever shitty friend took those picture and leaked them."
In a show of solidarity for the clothes-spurning Prince, Gaga then posted a video online for her followers (whom she calls her 'Monsters'), with a selection of home movies from last year. One of them shows her dancing, whilst her sister films her and she laughs and smiles, she flashes her breasts several times to the camera before her mum enters the room and joins her. Not in the boob flashing, but in the dancing.
Also in the video, she is seen cuddling her godson Zachary. Who just happens to be Elton John and David Furnish's son. It's a heart-warming insight into Gaga's private life, of course. But mainly, the video will be remembered for the naked breasts, we reckon.