British royal Prince Harry is dismayed his girlfriend Chelsy Davy is not invited to his father Prince Charles' wedding to long-term lover CAMILLA PARKER BOWLES later this year (08APR05).

Davy had expected to fly out from South Africa to be by her boyfriend's side at such a special occasion - but royal wedding planners are worried the sight of the young couple in public would detract attention away from Prince Charles and Parker Bowles.

A source says, "Chelsy said she was very disappointed. But it's out of the question. Chelsy's now accepted by Harry's family. They've been together almost a year and the relationship's really developed.

"But although they're serious, they are still seen as youngsters by many in the royal circle."

The romance had been a closely guarded secret until Davy joined Prince Harry during his visit to Argentina last year (NOV04).

28/02/2005 14:32