British royal Prince Harry has slammed the media for focusing on his late mother DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES' scandals rather than the good work she achieved during her lifetime.

The 19-year-old is still disturbed by Diana's tragic car crash in Paris' Pont de L'Alma underpass on 31 August 1997 and

hopes his new documentary THE FORGOTTEN KINGDOM: Prince HARRY IN LESOTHO, which sees him helping African AIDS sufferers, will remind the public of his mother's charity work rather than the tapes she made discussing her negative relations with the Royal family.

He complains, "Unfortunately it's been a long time now, not for me, but for most people it's been a long time since she died. The stuff that's come out has been bad, all the stuff that's come out has been those tapes and everything.

"Luckily I've been out here so I feel really bad because my father (PRINCE CHARLES) and my brother (Prince William) have been taking stick instead. But it's just a shame that, after all the good she's done, even this far on, people can't bring out the good in her. I mean, bad news sells."

The documentary will air on Britain's ITV television channel on Sunday (19SEP04).

17/09/2004 14:04