The imagery from the September 11 (01) terrorist attack has been voted the most striking in TV history by British TV bosses.

The footage of two hijacked planes crashing into New York's TWIN TOWERS has been chosen by leaders of all television stations as the most memorable image ever. The imagery of the attack which killed over 3,000 people was watched live by millions of people worldwide.

The next most vivid memory was the coverage of the Iranian Embassy siege in 1980, followed by the marriage of British royals Prince Charles and DIANA, Princess Of Wales in 1981.

From the list of the 50 greatest images - the most memorable entertainment moment was the first episode of British soap opera Coronation Street at number 19.

The Top Ten of gripping TV moments are:

2. Iranian Embassy siege coverage (80)

3. Charles and Diana's wedding (81)

4. Death and funeral of Diana (97)

5. Neil Armstrong's moon landing (69)

6. Fall of the Berlin Wall (89)

7. Capture of Saddam Hussein (03)

8. Coverage of the miners' strike (84)

9. MANDELA walks to freedom (90)

10. Falklands War coverage (82). (AR/WNTMI/ES)

10. Falklands War coverage (82).

26/03/2004 14:15