LATEST: Prince Charles' upcoming marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles has been marred by another legal clause, which states the public are allowed to witness their town hall wedding congregation.

The British royal and his fiancee recently abandoned plans to wed at Windsor Castle, England, because of a loophole in British law that would give members of the public the right to exchange marital vows in the royal residence for the next three years.

But now the prince and his wife-to-be face the prospect of having people wandering in from the street to join the elite congregation invited to the 8 April (05) ceremony at Windsor Town Hall.

DR STEPHEN CRETNEY, a leading family law historian, has pinpointed the law which in theory will allow the public to share the special occasion with Charles and Camilla.

The Marriage (Approved Premises) Regulations rules say, "Public access to any ceremony of marriage solemnised in approved premises must be permitted without charge."

21/02/2005 14:28