British royal Prince Charles took time out of last night's (14DEC04) ROYAL VARIETY PERFORMANCE to console Sharon Osbourne over her recent $3.8 million (GBP2 million) burglary and her husband Ozzy's recurring quad bike injury.

The heir to the throne was disappointed the former BLACK SABBATH star was forced to cancel his appearance at the London Coliseum event, due to complications with the metal shoulder plate he had inserted after last year's (03) accident.

The Prince also sympathised about intruders who stole irreplaceable jewellery from the Osbournes' Buckinghamshire, England, home last month (22NOV04), and offered his condolences to Osbourne over her recent spell of bad luck.

He asked, "How's Ozzy? I heard about your burglary."

She replied, "It was awful, but thankfully Ozzy is OK."

16/12/2004 05:45