British royal Prince Charles will not be attending the memorial concert for DIANA, Princess Of Wales this July (07), because he is "too old". The complete line-up for the concert was finalised yesterday (26Apr07), with Sir Elton John, Kanye West, Rod Stewart, Natasha Bedingfield, James Morrison and Status Quo all performing at the summer gig at London's Wembley Stadium. However, Prince Charles will not join his sons Princes William and Harry at the concert they organised to mark their mother's 46th birthday, and instead attend a church service with his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. A spokesman for the heir to the British throne says, "The concert is really for the younger generation to enjoy. William and Harry are organising the guest list. "There will be a memorial service for Diana on August 31 (07 - the 10th anniversary of Diana's death), which will be an event for all generations of the Windsors (royals) to come-together."