Britain's Prince Charles hold the world premiere of his new film 'Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World' on Saturday (28.04.12).

The royal is to attend the first ever Sundance London Film and Music Festival at London's The O2, where he will be joined by the event's president and founder, acting legend Robert Redford.

Charles narrates the movie, which tells the story of how the future king has worked alongside a number of environmental, government and business leaders, architects, artists and visionaries for more than three decades in an attempt to find solutions for the global and economic crisis.

Robert - who initially established the festival in the US in 1978 - revealed he met with the prince last year to discuss featuring the movie at Sundance, and 'The Horse Whisperer' actor admits he ''greatly admires'' Charles' work on the project.

Speaking at the Sundance London Film and Music Festival yesterday (26.04.12), he told BANG Showbiz: ''His Royal Highness has been working on the same topic for many, many years. Over the years we have indirectly communicated over that Common interest.

''I met with him last spring to discuss the idea of how we could work that into our festival as that's a part of Sundance as well. He's been committed for a long time, which I greatly admire, to sustainability and environmental conservational, so I've done the same thing in my country it seems a natural fit that we could support it in this country.''

Sundance London takes place at The O2 from 26-29 April. To purchase tickets or for more information, visit