British royal Prince Charles has reportedly made plans to ensure his lover Camilla Parker Bowles is a wealthy woman for life - by giving her $18 million (GBP10 million).

The heir to the British throne is allegedly putting the money for his long-term companion in a trust fund to make an estimated $720,000 (GBP400,000) a year - which she will receive when the Prince dies.

A source tells British tabloid THE NEWS OF THE WORLD, "If he marries Camilla and is crowned king, Charles knows she will never be allowed to be queen.

"He is therefore determined that she will be able to live like one for the rest of her life. He does not want her to have to rely on the royal family or the tax-player to provide for her.

"Once Camilla herself passes away the fund itself will probably revert to Charles's estate and to his sons."

19/12/2004 14:36