British royal Prince Charles has defied his legal advisers by refusing to sign a pre-nuptial agreement before his wedding to fiancee CAMILLA PARKER BOWLES next month (08APR05).

The heir to the throne was forced to borrow money from his mother, Queen ELIZABETH II to fund the $33 million (GBP17.5 million) settlement late royal DIANA, Princess Of Wales requested following their divorce.

But Charles insists that unlike his relationship with Diana, his second marriage to Parker Bowles will last, so he sees no need for a contract.

The Prince's former financial advisor GEOFFREY BIGNELL says, "Diana took every penny he had. I was told to liquidate everything, all his investments, so he could give her the cash. She took him to the cleaners."

A close friend adds, "Charles is adamant that there should be no prenuptial agreement. He feels the marriage has to be based from the start on trust and good faith."

28/03/2005 13:42